“Tender-preneurs” holding back tech investment in Africa

Will technological tender process end the reign of “tender-preneurs”?

Biztech Africa‘s Tom Jackson reports from Connected East Africa conference in Diani, Kenya, that former Kenyan permanent ministry secretary Dr Bitange Ndemo has given a speech on how corruption is holding back technological investment in the country.

Image: By BiztechAfrica

The paper reports that development as a tech hub in East Africa is “being held back by corruption and “tender-preneurs” who take advantage of lax procurement regulation.”

The speaker was in the ministry until 2013 and has since returned to the University of Nairobi.  Referring to new government initiatives to digitise the procurement process (in order to prevent and/or limit corrupt tenders), he said that “I hope, and I pray, that this anti-corruption process at the moment reveals the true ‘tender-preneurs’.”

“Because the problem is in the procurement law and the PPP law. We have super wheeler dealers behind and then you are the one that gets in trouble. But if they were to decide to work for the people then Kenya would be developed in one year. Because they can execute.”


Book review: “Corruption and Human Rights Law in Africa”

Robert Wundeh Eno has written a book review of Kolawole Olaniyan’s “Corruption and Human Rights Law in Africa” in the Lagos Vanguard.  One of the key insights of the book, according to Eno, is that corruption is not a victimless crime, as often assumed.  He draws the link between corruption and its real-world effects on “ordinary citizens, who are usually the most vulnerable in society.”

Even if you do not have access to (or time to read) Olaniyan’s book, the review is worth taking a look.