Anti-Corruption in Africa: Author Biographies

African Antifraud provides current information on anti-fraud, anti-corruption, and anti-bribery topics related to Africa.  Our range of topics includes pertinent fraud and corruption news, FCPA (Federal Corrupt Practices Act) enforcement against individuals and companies doing business on the African continent, and related legal & policy developments.  As sister site to, AAF strives to be the preëminent resource in this field.


Africa has become the de facto “BRICS continent” — widely forecast to show exponential economic growth over the coming decades. This includes not just South Africa (the “S” in “BRICS”), but also recently-maturing markets in northern Africa, emerging markets in the western and southern parts of the continent, and many so-called fledgling economies in between. All of them are slated to show a future combined growth rate that has the potential to be greater than that of the European Union, the United States, and even Asia:

The size of the African continent’s total economy more than tripled over the past 13 years.  Africa’s GDP growth is estimated to 5.3% in 2014 according to World Bank statistics.

Foreign direct investment has increased up to 20% annually, thanks in part to the continent’s richness in natural resources, growing population, underutilized agricultural opportunities, and booming telecom, construction, and health-care sectors, to name only a few.

The commensurate creation (and strengthening) of anti-bribery and anti-fraud measures governing these expanding economies presents both opportunities and risks for both corporate players and nation states in Africa.

African Antifraud Team is run and maintained by its two editors (with professional and editorial support from Pr1merio Ltd.), whom you may reach at their respective e-mail addresses: and  In addition, there is a growing list of several contributing authors, listed below.


Andreas Stargard, editor

Andreas Stargard, editor

Andreas Stargard lives and works in Brussels and Washington, D.C.  His professional focus is on litigation and global counseling work in  competition/antitrust, white collar criminal investigations, and anti-bribery.  Andreas has extensive experience working with African clients, both in the cartel sector (SAA/air cargo) and merger arena (pharmaceuticals) as well as in compliance matters.
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John Oxenham, editor

John Oxenham is based in Johannesburg, S.A.  He practices broadly in the regulatory field and principally in competition and anti-corruption law, including industry restructuring initiatives, joint ventures, white-collar criminal matters, cartel investigations, leniency applications, merger control, merger intervention, general competition litigation and commercial litigation, before the local South African and regional competition authorities, and South African Courts. He holds both BA and LLB degrees from the University of Cape Town and completed a diploma in competition law at the University of the Witwatersrand. John previously worked as a foreign adviser in the antitrust group at Howrey LLP in Washington, D.C.

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