It has recently been reported that the South African Government bribed FIFA officials to secure the 2010 World Cup.

Following the arrest of seven FIFA officials in Switzerland recently, the US DOJ has alleged that the South African Government was directly involved in bribing FIFA officials to secure the 2010 World Cup.

The Zuma administration in South Africa is repeatedly criticised for failing to curb corruption this is particularly so since, President Zuma has been found, by a local High Court, to have had corrupt relations with known fraudsters.

From an African Anti Fraud perspective it is of significant concern that the issue has only been addressed due to the efforts of the United States Department of Justice.  As has previously been reported, the South African Government’s, particularly under the auspices of President Zuma, dismantling of key enforcement agencies especially the National Prosecution Services (in order to ensure that the President does not face prosecution for corporate activities) has effectively prevented proactive enforcement of corrupt activities.

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